Sunday Morning Bacon Delivery, a present from Petaluma

Earlier this morning Chilebrown was busy getting himself to work and dropping off a load of bacon he’d driven all the way to Petaluma for yesterday. It’s so fun to yell Bacon Delivery and run to the front porch and dig in to the bag to see what gift the baocn fairy has left this time.
Come join Meathenge Labs in a little Sunday morning bacon romp.

Chilebrown read about Angelo Ibleto’s and his Angelo’s Meats in Petaluma California. I could tell ol’ CB was in need of a little Meat Adventure, he’s been quiet on the email and just itching to hit the road. This article gave him the inspiration he needed.

Angelo can be found working the counter and says he’ll smoke your fish or game for you, nice eh?

I could learn to live with this in my town.

Here’s a sample of his available goodies, looks as though I’ll have to go myself and sample more than just the bacon, eh.
Yeah yeah, but how does it cook up?

It cooks up very nicely once you get it cut off the slab. I noticed the plate/skin/tough part is still on the slab. It’s a little tough to get through, but with a sharp knife it snaps right off. It smelled mild in the package and in the pan. There wasn’t a lot of sugar in the cure, it didn’t stick to the pan, even towards the end. I cut it a little thick this time so I could have both a snappy crust and a chewy center. The meat is clearly well chosen and of high quality, not a lot of fat and the meat flavor comes through. This is a very mild smoke and a very mild bacon. Not even remotely too salty.

All in all an excellent product and it will be finished up in a day or so. Mama mentioned that the last few bites were heavy in fat flavor, I didn’t notice. However, I do believe what she was talking about was the plate, skin, tough part that is exceptionally chewy. This clearly isn’t for everyone, so cut it off if you choose. Otherwise? Bacon gum!
Thank you Chilebrown for the gift of bacon!
Angelo’s Meats is at 2700 Adobe Road, Petaluma.
Angelo’s Wine Country Deli is at 23400 Arnold Drive, Sonoma.
(707) 763-9586 or (800) 631-4796,

13 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Bacon Delivery, a present from Petaluma

  1. Lordy, Lordy! What a flashback: bacon gum. When I was growing up with bacon from either an uncle’s farm or a neighbor’s smokehouse, it came with the bits and covers you described this morning. I loved the tiny rubbery salty wonderful chews left over — and they went with me when I left the table to go outside to play, something to nibble on later. Whew. Hadn’t thought of that in years. Wonder if it could be marketed?

  2. Good lord, I had forgotten about bacon gum, too!
    My grandpa always left the plate on his, too.
    Good stuff, man. Seriously good stuff.

  3. Hey everyone,
    The leftover cooked bacon when in to the pot roast that’s in the oven. It’ll be done in 5 hours or so, then chilled and in to the fridge.
    It’s always better the next day.
    So, for tonight a roast of beefs.

  4. I just came home to the smell of bacon. Ms. Goofy is making some pea,bacon,pasta thing. It sure smells good. Tomorrow bacon and elk burgers! Chilebrown.

  5. Hmmm, bacon, yeah we’ve got some, too. Earlier today Derrick smoked up a slab of pork belly he’d been curing. We ate some slices with spinach (done in the grease) and scrambled eggs. You would’ve been proud, Biggles!

  6. Hey Melissa,
    Thanks for stopping by. Dang, Derrick is a busy guy, isn’t he? Wine, pork belly and spinach?
    It’s breakfast time and I’m ready, oh yes.

  7. Doesn’t bacon give everyone a chubby?
    Or do I mean “The Chubbies”?
    I’m a (skinny) girl. I don’t know.
    Melissa: Ooh. It was good? I wanna make some.
    Bigs: you rule, I drool.

  8. It was our first trip to Angelo’s around the first of April 2006. We were on our way home from a fabulous 30th anniversary weekend. We picked up a small ham a few packs of bacon and several packs of sausage. I enjoyed the visit with Angelo and all his products.
    Thank You,
    Dennis Tebaldi